Description & Product Care

Braided Placemats

Our original braided placemat is made of nylon and comes in over 200 colors. You will be able to identify the original with the Deborah Rhodes signature label.

The beauty of our design is the look of fine straw but the practicality of an indoor/outdoor placemat. The braid is sewn on a circular sewing machine by hand. From the initial round mat the design options have grown to dozens of shapes and many different weaves. Deborah is constantly striving for new textures and ideas to keep the table exciting.

The placemat shapes and colors are designed to complement many decors and liven your favorite dinnerware from Fine Porcelain to casual dinnerware.


Our coasters are made of the same material as our placemats. They are available in all 200 colors and sold as Sets of 4 The coasters are easy to clean and have a special backing of vinyl which makes them absorbent.

Braided Placemat Care

With proper care, our braided placemats will be enjoyed for many years to come.

We recommend that they are wiped clean after every use with mild dish soap and water.

If needed, braided placemats can be completely immersed in water and soaked as needed.

There are some stains such as oil that may require additional care. We recommend a citrus-based spray and then wash with water.

Braided placemats can be scrubbed with a dish brush.

Natural Fiber Placemats

These placemats are hand-dyed and handmade; due to this method of production there can be slight variations in color.

Brush or wipe clean. Attend to food stains right away; spot clean with water and mild detergent.


Many of our linens are made in Europe, working with the same factory for 10 years that has created our signature weaves. The factory is unique in that it converts raw flax grown in France and Belgium into linen threads. The threads are dyed using the same time-tested, handmade formulas producing over 100 colors. The magic begins on the looms where as many as 600 threads are hand knotted weaving the many textures and patterns Deborah is known for.

Our printed napkins are hand-dyed and handmade; due to this method of production there can be slight variations in color.

Linen Care

Our linens are of the highest quality fibers which mean they require special care. All of our napkins are made of linen and/or cotton.

Hand or machine wash on a delicate cycle separately with a mild detergent. Use spot remover as needed. Do not bleach.

Machine dry separately on low setting and remove promptly while damp.

Iron as needed on reverse side with low heat. For our pre-washed, crinkled styles there is no ironing needed!

Napkin Rings

Many of our napkin rings are still made in the United States at Deborah Rhodes design studios. Because they are produced by hand, we are still able to offer some of the original designs. Our napkin ring “library” consists of diverse styles using glass and crystal beads, feathers, woods, resin, and silk. The rings are made by our craftsmen that have perfected their quality and durability.

Each season new rings are designed to coordinate with the seasonal introduction of placemats and linens.