Shop New Winter Designs

Fall Walk

How about bringing the countryside into your home this season? Textured white washed rattan a lovely wooded print, and floral napkin rings help set the tone. Lovely casseroles and a warm, inviting table is what the season is all about. Hot toddy!

Casual Winter Neutrals

Set your table with neutrals that never go out of style. These textures and colors pair well with stoneware, pewter and wood. Great for everyday and quick get-togethers. Remember it is all in the mix!

Winter Palate Favorites

Our favorite colors of the winter season in our classic braided sewn mat. Not limited to the basic round, available in any shape!

Classic Holiday

Here we offer a more formal and traditional approach. Your red and greens mix and match to give you a choice between a little shimmer or a more classic offering. Our Frosted Holiday Tree napkin ring is a show stopper and adds that something extra to reflect the joy of the season.

Peppermint Season

Define your holiday table with red and white! Peppermint candy inspired this playful setting. A mix of berries, borders, and embroidery gives you a variety of fun looks for your guests. Pretty perfect on a snowy evening, possibly an ornament hanging get-together!

Winter Woods Napkin

Our Italian linen is beautifully hand embroidered in Vietnam. This design mimics a walk in the winter woods, inspired by the quiet scenery of snow, evergreens and berries. On our holiday tables, old fashioned never goes out of style!

Holiday Napkin Rings

You can add any of these fun holiday greenery napkin rings to bring that special, festive touch to your table and make guests smile. Created to compliment your personal touch of seasonal greenery.

Vintage Glimmer

Adding pastel colors to your holiday glimmer brings a fresh look to the table. A little mix of old and new, silver and gold adds to your creative table. Cheerful, modern embroidery and shimmering jacquard napkins set a great table, especially when paired with your patterned dinnerware!

Golden Celebration

A new year is coming so let’s make it golden! We want to offer our three most popular colors in our luxe metallic mats from light, medium, to full on golden. Your table will sparkle in the candlelight. Cheers!