Inspiration / Easy Chic

Now that the hustle and bustle of holiday rush is over, we are longing for a serene fresh space to recharge and regroup (smooth jazz required).
Bring outside in
Invite some greenery into your home by adding an abstract lace pattern to a minimal white table.
Playful reversible linen and a succulent napkin ring keep things cozy and let the freshness of outside pour in.
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Detox in white
Add the simplicity of a crisply pleated napkin, dressed over white wrapped rattan to give your body - and your table - a peace of mind.
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Frame the art
This exquisite stately shaped placemat elegantly frames an edgy modern dinnerware for a less formal, more fun evening in a traditional home.
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Break the formality
Give a fun and bright edge to a beautiful traditional plate with the novelty sheer placemat and the brightness of peony flowers.
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Dishevel your style
For a subtle take of easy chic keep the edges of your formal napkins fringed. Dress your linens in creative wood shapes et voila! - your dinner is in a chilled mode.
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