Finders keepers | Most Instagrammable products

Here is a list of products that have that wow! factor and look good in photos. That's why social media loves them.
Marble Lacquer placemat
This marble placemat is the new neutral. We are hoping that home interior bloggers will appreciate its high versatility factor - dressed up with luxe metallic napkin it makes for a super elegant holiday dinner. Add a casual napkin, and it becomes a kitchen island showpiece.
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Cosmic Hydrangea napkin ring
It’s appropriately named for it’s out of this world appearance. We dare say it’s a runway hit for al that glitters this season. It places the perfect wow! on those elegant holiday tables.
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Patina Lacquer placemat
Talk about trendy textures. The newest one, an antiqued glass finish, is popular with interior designers. It photographs beautifully, and it’s equally beautiful looking on the glam dinner table.
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Variegated leaf placemat
A creative and very different expression to spell out the season. The leaves are arranged on a vinyl backing - often as if they’ve fallen there. Talk about multifunction - we’ve seen them used as trays for cupcakes in the uber hip urban greenhouse settings.
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Cabbage napkin ring
It captures every photographer’s attention because it looks like the real thing. With so much focus on the fresh farm produce, it adds a perfect tasty note to the hip table setting.
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Round Scallop placemat
Bloggers and stores from Nashville to Paris love it! We’d like to give credit to its scalloped edge for allowing that little bit of romance without the use of flowers. It comes in nearly 200 colors. But if that is not enough, our customers have found the way to customise it by creating different color borders.
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Butterfly printed linens
Butterflies are meant to be photographed. This exclusive design, created in our studio, certainly adds another level of cuteness to anyone’s social media feed. Let alone they will leave you feeling like you are dining in the flowering meadows.
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