July 21, 2017

The concept of summer. For some northern parts of the world, summer is about catching every ray of sunshine and getting the best use of those long summer evenings. For others down south, it's a matter of sinking into a slower pace and lazier mood. Regardless of where, summertime evokes the urge to expand our living spaces to decks, patios, beaches or simple picnics on the grass.

We've selected 5 of the best placemat designs that will carry you through summer parties, should they happen to be at the back of your house or with a jaw-dropping view of the Pacific ocean.


Forever versatile braided round placemat

Yes, we've got every color under the rainbow to match your skyline, garden flowers or blend it into the color of your table. It's easy to be your own designer with our braided placemat - round, square or with intricate detail.  Made of nylon and in nearly 200 shades it takes the best qualities of both, offering practicality, durability, and versatility. 

Above: Basketweave Placemat in Turquoise, Washed Fringe Napkins, Rock Bead Bar Napkin Ring in Jade


Nautical stripes

The mention of summer often collides with the vision of time spent at the seaside. One great way to create nautical looks at the beachside homes is to pair navy sailor stripes with crispy white linens and rounded wood beads that are reminiscent of the beach pebbles. Add a bright red napkin and some stars - and you will ready for an all-American celebration with fireworks.

Above: Awning Stripe square placemat in Navy, Pleated White linen napkin, Square Pair Metals Cuffs, Obeche bead napkin ring, Newport Border napkin in Navy


Funky natural fibers

When your outdoor view expands into the never ending green horizons dressing the table with these chunky weaves seems like a natural solution. Sala Sala placemat in rectangular or square shape comes in the truly earthy or funky colors and is a great match for rustic tables.

Above: Sala Sala square placemat in Grass, Cabana border napkins, Cocoa Wood bracelet
White Rattan placemat 

The tropical trend has been taking center stage this season, both in fashion and home accessories. It hasn't been easier to match your tropical print swimsuit to a napkin on a table. White Rattan Placemat - simple, elegant and understated - is a great neutral base for showcasing the bright prints and funky accessories.

Above: Calypso Rattan placemat in White, Tropical Fern napkin, Bali Orchid napkin ring in Fuchsia, Sinamay Flower placemat in Grass, Floral Jacquard napkin in Grass


Crochet Abaca

To honor the wrinkles of those outside tables that have seen rain and shine throughout the year give them a company of beautiful crochet banana leave placemat that has been harvested, dried, dyed and dried again, and later hand turned into this amazing piece for the table. It will add all the necessary depth and warmth to your "old buddy."

Above: Crochet Abaca placemat in Grey, Riviera Stripe napkin in Blue, Stone Cluster napkin ring in Tiger Eye, Cabbage napkin ring 

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