May 17, 2017

No doubt that women take center stage when it comes to setting the place for a dinner. The Instagram feed boasts with table displays that feature flowers, lovely colors and romantic notes. And so we feel that masculine styles are somewhat overlooked... With Father's Day approaching, we would like to celebrate the World of Men and think of the great menswear fashion, interior and product designs that have inspired us.

Casual menswear

As the line between work and leisure is rapidly thinning out, casual styles live their major fashion moment. Chambray fabric that has originated in France over 500 years ago has found it's way to becoming the most coveted work shirt for men. We are happy it also found it's way to interiors in the form of washed textiles.   

Formal menswear

Although the tailored suit is perceived as the ultimate conservative costume, fashion world adores it's minimalist, clean lines. The style has well adapted to women's fashion, and it appears to be also well suited for minimalist interiors. For those subtle situations when less is more. 

Menswear catwalk trends Spring 2017

We are thrilled to see that the interior styles now have their say in the high fashion. British GQ magazine's report on menswear trends for Spring 2017 says that deckchair prints have emerged victorious in varying stripe widths and clashes of darker colors and pastels. Yay!

Menswear accessories

From dressing endless hi-tech gadgets to dressing up yourself, accessories pay the crucial role in an image of every man. Leather and various metals have been part the menswear accessory styles for ages. We find a lot of inspiration in these sturdy, timeless pieces that add a touch masculinity to interiors.


Featured here:
Casual menswear - Washed Fringe napkins in Navy, Blue and Oxford 
Formal menswear - Border Round placemat, Dashes napkin in Navy, Glass Coin Bar napkin ring in Crystal
Menswear Catwalk trends - Riviera Stripe napkins
Menswear Accessories - Square Pair Metal napkin rings, Obeche Round and Obeche Sculpted napkin rings, Earthenware Bowl

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