March 25, 2017

Minimal Scandinavian interior style has been dominating the home trends, and with it comes the urge to declutter and live in the airy, clean space. Getting rid of unnecessary details is the ultimate goal but is there any room for flowers? Having designed with flowers for over 30 years, Deborah knows that some blooms, like midi skirts, do go in and out of fashion. But some modest greenery doesn’t hurt even the most dedicated minimalist. After all, flowers are said to instantly improve the mood and foster creativity. 

Large Fig Tree

Monumental and sculptural, fig tree doesn’t need many interior decorating skills to bring in some greenery into the living room. In fact, it looks best against the bare white walls. As far as the table is concerned, we are happy with a simple neutral table setting that includes natural fibers and white linens. 


Paperwhite Bulbs

For those happy Spring moments when there is sudden wish to introduce a bloom into a neutral interior, the sprouting bulbs of daffodils, hyacinth or cyclamen add just the right touch of liveliness to a white table. The table looks refreshed without disturbing the color scheme.

Farm to table flowers

OK, farm table doesn’t have to be minimalistic. It probably never is. But in case you’d like to keep your flower arrangement on the simple side, try grouping several kinds of wildflowers into several different vases. If centerpieces are not quite your thing playing around with napkin rings of different flower might be an attractive alternative.

Peonies for bedroom

And lastly, it doesn’t hurt adding some romance to your bedroom. Deborah says that peonies and lilacs are her old time favorites - the subtle blush pink or soft lilac won’t disturb the color scheme but will add a little touch of texture and a lovely fragrance for love.

Featured here:
Large Fig Tree - Calypso Rattan placemat White, Pleated Linen napkin White, Square Pair napkin ring Gold 
Paperwhite Bulbs - Double Scabiosa napkin ring Cream, Reversible Linen napkin Mint, Triple Braid placemat
Farm to Table Flowers - Cornflower napkin rings, Fringe Edge napkin Blue, Printed wood placemat
Peonies for Bedroom - New Parrot Tulip napkin ring Pink, Seagrape placemat

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