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Wouldn't it be wonderful to reinvent our table decor with every occasion? With so many holidays and events to choose from that dream might become a burden. While we look for subtle earthy tones for Thanksgiving, we tend to lean to traditional red and green for Christmas, and then make our tables sparkle on the New Years Eve.

This season we looked into our product's most valued feature - versatility and explored how one Round Scallop placemat in Green can take you through all the special times this Fall.

Beauty of everyday

Forget the special occasion. There is immense satisfaction in making an effort to set the table just for two. Think brunch or lunch, in your backyard, summer room or kitchen. Matching the color of the outdoor surroundings to the tones of green in your table accessories creates the subtle take on everyday simplicity. 

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Above: 16" Round Scallop Placemat in Espresso/Avocado, Washed Fringe napkin in Grass, Reversible Check napkin in Green

Fall colors

Playing with fun patterns in dinnerware (like these plates from French brand Gien) and bold color linens give the green Round Scallop placemat a new twist. Mustard color has been trending the interiors this season, and it happens to be well suited for the time of the year when the pumpkins roll in.

Photo by Peter Aschoff on Unsplash

Above: 16" Round Scallop Placemat in Espresso/Avocado, Tonal Plaid napkin in Gold, Autumn Sedum napkin ring in Gold

Midnight garden

Use the same earthy green Round Scallop placemat to offset the drama of the flowers. Lush colors of the printed linens doubled up with flower rings create the theatrical dinner settings. 

Above: 16" Round Scallop Placemat in Espresso/Avocado, Midnight Garden printed napkin, Abstract Garden printed napkin in Grass, Anemone napkin ring in Red, Berry Spider Mum napkin ring

Deck the tables 

Take a palette of forest greens, holiday reds and icy whites for a festive scheme. Choose a bold red napkin for a traditional take on Christmas, or opt for a whimsical double face plaid napkin for a holiday table set in the Alpine mood. Oh, and there is a little secret in a Jingle Bell Bouquet napkin ring... give it a gentle shake, and the bells will jingle all the way!

Above: 16" Round Scallop Placemat in Espresso/Avocado, Reversible Linen napkin in Holiday Red, Reversible Check napkin in Christmas Mix, Snowy Cotton napkin ring, Jingle Bell Bouquet napkin ring in Red

Glittering celebration

Layer frozen in gold flower napkin rings with glittering metallic napkins for a sophisticated festive celebration. Serving as a modest backdrop, Scalloped Edge placemat helps to frame the setting to allow for the dazzling wealth of glitz to shine through.

Above: 16" Round Scallop Placemat in Green, Allover Gold Metallic napkin in Gold/Bronze, Cosmic Hydrangea napkin ring, Satin Orchid napkin ring in Gold, Coaster in Gold Lurex

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Brenda Dunlap
Brenda Dunlap

October 04, 2018

I’m with Lois Joseph. Can your products be ordered online? There is a cart at the top of the page, but no way to order items on each product’s individual page. I went to the Hall’s website and you are not listed as a vendor although this website says your products can be purchased there. I have never expended so much effort to purchase from a company with zero results. As Halls doesn’t carry your products I’m reluctant to get in the car and drive an hour plus to the boutique stores to find they don’t have them either. And they don’t have websites. I wish you were more anxious to make your lovely products available to those who would like to enjoy them.

Lois Joseph
Lois Joseph

May 12, 2018

Can you order your products online?

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